Yesterday, I received a package from @cofftee containing a Seguna comfort slip maxi (the light purple diaper), 2 lil-Monsters diapers (on the left), and a Crinklz (in the middle), as well as 2 pacifiers. Thank you a lot for sending this to me! I’m so thankful for this, I could melt into a little puddle, and you’d have to mop me up °^°. If there is anything I can do for you in return, send me a message!

The 2 adult-sized dummies (also given by @cofftee) are from @llittleforbig .. their onesies are so adorable, but I still have to figure out whether or not they can post stuff to the Netherlands without paying a lot of money to customs.. We don’t have Amazon in the Netherlands, so I can’t buy stuff from Amazon.. and I don’t know of any other place. do you know?

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