Congratulations. (Even hough your content isn’t explicit) Y you have survived the finger-snapping of Tumblanos. You and your padded butt live to see another day. Woohoo!

Thank you for this. I know my content isn’t explicit in tumblr’s sense.. but I will be more careful with what I post onto here. Maybe one day they change their mind and then “underwear visible” will be considered explicit or some weird thing. It’s unpredictable if terms of use can just change drastically..

I’m not mad about it like some others are.. it’s still their platform and it’s just the way they run their business and all..  The whole reason, how I see it, is just money. A lot of online platforms struggle with how to make their business model profitable, and tumblr is def one of them

I will continue to post pictures here, but I will put effort into fanning out to other websites just in case.. Or if no one cares, I’ll just stop one day. I’m getting old and ugly, anyway. 


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