Out of curiosity, where do you and your squishy butt work? (You don’t have to answer this I’m just curious)

I’ll answer this one carefully ^^;;  

So I’m a medical PhD student in an academic hospital in the Netherlands. Some people call it Grad school. I research something to do with liver disease and fat metabolism (XD how thin I am, the irony). I currently have 1 scientific article published, I’m writing 2 publications currently, I’m doing hplc-ms/ms measurements for 1 publication, and I still have to produce the samples and measure them on lc-ms and gc-ms for my last one. I have just under a year left to complete my thesis. My free time suffers from my desire to finish this on time, but I think it is worth it as I’ve become a different person over te past years. It also taught me to prioritize and especially compartmentalize my time and personality. For example, I definitely show a different side of me on this blog ^^, and I’m not actually a shark; I just pretend I am one.


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