Do you have any abdl eat wear(?). What I mean is like baby bottles, bibs, little cute plates and spoons and forks? Those kind of things for when you’re a hungry baby girl

I’d like that..  For playing little , I have diapers (duh) and cute pyjamas and kigurumis, but also decorated cloth diaper covers, pacifiers, bottles and a onesie! I did try infant formula (the powdered milk stuff) and food (like Olvarit and other mushy semi-liquid ready-made foodies). I like the taste of the infant formula, but I don’t ageplay often enough to eat it a package before it expires XD, cus you really have to eat it all in a week or two after you open it. The mushy food itself is not for me, it doesn’t make me feel little, maybe it’s just not sweet enough, which apple sauce is and that’s delicious. I do like Danone’s yogurts a lot and they make me feel super smol ^^.. but maybe nostalgia also plays a big part in that. Currently I don’t have any bibs or plates or cutlery.. Maybe that’s gonna be the next thing I buy for my little self. Thank you for asking me this!  


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