how many onesies do you have/ different diaper brands?

Currently I only have one onesie (that serafuku onesie), maybe I should buy also normal-looking onesies so I could wear them secretly under my regular clothes ^^.. 

But I’ve worn lots of different diaper brands! 

Abena pull-up
Abena m3
Abena m4
Abena S4
Attends m10 slip active
Vlesi-Slip comfort Premium night
Euron form
Dotty the Pony diaper
Crinklz wearing clouds
Forma care X-plus slip
Tena maxi slip
Betterdry M10
Molicare maxi slip
ID slip super
Drylife super
Lil monsters Rearz
Seguna comfort slip maxi
Bambino Bellissimo
Bambino Bianco
Tena pants

See? That’s quite a lot of different types of diapers.. if I haven’t forgotten anything I’ve tried in the past, then that’s at least 20 different types. Which one is your favorite? Would you wanna see me in a diaper that I haven’t worn yet? Send me a message or reply to this post ^^ the picture in this post is a molicare maxi slip)


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