May we be friends

hey ^^, sorry I haven’t answered stuff lately.. I was really super busy this week and this weekend I was finally able to recover from that. You can send me asks again if you wanna!

Concerning this ask.. well I mentioned it many times before; you don’t become “friends” by asking someone. Becoming friends is a natural occurrence when 2 people talk and have fun together 


🦈.. And I’m okay with people sending me private messages or e-mails (the address is at the top of my blog), just as long as they realize I’m not a porn blog and I usually don’t talk about lewd stuff.. nor do I really talk about ABDL stuff, cus I already have a whole blog full of it xD. When I get to know people, I give them my discord, I don’t use any other chat service like kik or whatever cus it gets too messy to keep so many platforms up-to-date. Sometimes it doesn’t click, but that’s up to you ^^


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