Just found your blog. Are you willing to dm? (Not gonna be a total perv I promise)

Hiiii I already answered this in PM, but the answer goes to everyone ^^, as long as you can say more than “hi how are u, are u wet”, anyone can chat with me.. Though I tend to reply quite late sometimes, and I’m sorry for that. I do mean well. 

And really briefly; a few FAQs are:
How are you? -> Good/bad/ok!
What’re you up to? -> Not much!
Where are you from? -> the Netherlands
What’s your age? -> I’m 28 years old right now
Are you single? -> Yes I am!
Can we be friends/partners? -> XD no. You become this, you don’t ask this.
Do you like diapers? -> Yes, I do!
What’s your fav diaper? -> Currently I like the Bambino Bellissimo the most
How often do you wear? -> Usually once per week..
Are you wet? -> I don’t answer lewd questions ^^;; sorry!
Do you want a mommy/daddy? -> I’m sorry, currently not

Honestly, xD I’m kinda joking here.. but there’s so much I can talk about that goes beyond these standard questions. I’m not asking you to amuse me, and I understand a conversation is a 2-person process. But I try my best with the limited time I have. There’s so much I can learn from you, if you open up to me and you’re willing to get to know someone

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