Where do you get those amazing blue diapers from I want those in my life

Hiiii I haven’t received an ask in a while.. I must have scared everyone away xD. Anyone up for sending me an ask?

The blue nappy is called the forma care X-plus slip. @cofftee sent me two of those forma-care diapers, and I bought some for myself from Eurodl a long time ago (2 years?).. Eurodl doesn’t have them on their website, any more. However, if I google for this diaper, there’s still lots of webshops that have it in stock, so I think it’s either still being made or at least there’s still a supply available. 

Whichever it is, you should try them out they’re super fun ^^.. They’re made of plastic, quite thick in filling and they’re very brightly blue, much more blue than my shark plushie!


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