Are you excited for shark week? I hope you stored up Enough diapers to not need any potty breaks

I’d love to watch some TV documentaries about sharks ^^, as long as they’re not lying by saying sharks hurt a lot of people, cus they don’t!



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huggablam: coucherequin: huggablam: coucherequin: babyandy22: coucherequin: What do you think? You wanna be in the spot where the plushie is? See my archive | Donate I’d love to be in the plushie’s spot xD I’m sure you’d want to be there Coucherequin … Continue reading


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evelynstinky: coucherequin: Do you prefer white or black leggings? See my archive | Donate I think tights are the best diaper cover and I like them all as long the opacity isn’t to big. I love white tights and leggings ^^ , … Continue reading

What if.. wearing diapers was the norm and wearing underwear and relieving yourself in a dedicated spot was a rare thing. Would you still choose diapers over underwear? And why?

Right now, I would rather live in a society where nudity is the norm and clothes are aberrant. It was 40°C at one point today. When I got home today, my arms and legs were both sticking to my clothes. and my clothes have discolored patches on it now, gross. There aren’t enough showers in my house to wash this feeling away


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You get to see so much of me xD. I should feel ashamed for always showing off my diaper

Did you have an interest in plastic baby pants and baby diapers as a little girl?

I’m not sure if this is what you meant, but I think it’s a good idea not to talk about actual (real) young age and childhood when it can possibly be associated with abdl (so I won’t). I think it’s really questionable when someone reblogs both abdl stuff and posts with children in it. I can’t tell anyone what to do, but please don’t do this cus you put us all in bad light ;_;


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Aren’t I adorable?  Just kidding xD , I’m trash and I know it

Hello. I love your blog! What’s your favorite diaper? I see a lot of Tenas in your pictures. I love those! Feel free to give me a follow back :)

Hii ^^ thank you for this ask! I’ve worn lots of different diapers, so it is difficult for me to choose. Some of the ones I liked best are the Bambino Bellissimo, the Bambino Bianco, but also lots of others like the Drylife super, or Molicare maxi slip.. Can you comment with your favs?


How about a video of you humping Sharkie? You always post pics doing it so why not a video?

maybe one day. Videos are a lot of work and much harder to do. And I think pictures are a lot more fun and they make it look a little bit personal. What do you think? I kinda just want to be a fairly normal person with a healthy interest in ageplay that doesn’t take over my life or my thoughts. Maybe it’s a weird suggestion coming from me; but think of me, sometimes. Show some empathy and see me as a real person with real feelings ^^. I know I censor my face, and that makes it impersonal and distant.. but apart from that you always get to see the real me. In all these pictures you’ve seen more of me than even my closest friends have. So think of me, sometimes


Hey, I saw your recent answer to a question about a wetting vid. You don’t have to post something that you don’t feel comfortable. Yes, most of us like seeing diaper girls and stuff, but just wanted you to know that we respect your wish for privacy. Don’t worry about upsetting us, we all love your blog just the way it is! (And pls say hi to sharkie from me!)

Thank you for this message. It’s okay, I don’t really feel obligated to post anything onto this blog that I don’t want to. I do feel addicted to getting attention that I normally don’t get, but I’m not gonna go beyond my own comfort zone for that ^^. Besides, the people that want to see more of me than I post are the kind of people I don’t want to interact with. 


Do you usually sleep on your tummy or on your back? I sleep on my tummy with one knee up haha

What do you mean you sleep on your stomach with one knee up? How is that even anatomically possible?

I used to love sleeping on my belly but it’s kinda uncomfortable now to squash that part of me. So I compromise by sleeping on my sides



I’m currently at Japan expo Paris, to sell art and music 🇯🇵,( my account is auto-posting old photos that I already took)

It’s going really well, and one of my friends gave me this lil shark as a gift!

I dropped my phone oops, it has a cracked screen now, it also cracked the phone’s camera lens😭. Can I buy a second hand phone from any of you, maybe? Something like an old Samsung s7.. That’d be so much help to me