Very cute blog! Do you ever wear pull-ups? Would love to see you in those!

Thank you for this ask! °^°

I’m kinda puzzled. When I browse ABDL rebloggers, I see a ton of guys and girls wearing pull-up diapers. When it’s children’s pull-ups, they’re so tight it just kinda looks like a joke to me xD, like they’ve lost a bet with a friend. When it’s adult pull-ups, it really doesn’t look cute to me at all, and just reminds me of handicap . And the waist band has to be really big, too..

Let’s just say I’m not into pull-ups and prefer to wear real tape-based diapers. And then still, I need at least 4 tapes on my diapers. Diapers with 2 tapes (like Attends slip active M10) have a really bad fit on me.


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