Hi how are you. Love your blog. May we be friends do you wear d all the time

Hello. If you send me a message, I usually respond ^^. Though I tend not to respond to lewd or RP stuff


wish we could see a vid of you wetting that lil monsters!

I’m sorry I don’t take videos. I’m more comfortable taking pictures. I like taking pictures ^^


Are you married?



Thank you for sending in a couple of asks! ^^

I’m not married. I’m single. I am a cat-parent


Well, then tell us about this child feline of yours! Age? Breed? Number of things knocked off shelves? 😆

I wish I could tell you a little more about my feline friend, but I really don’t know much about her. I got this cat from a shelter about 5 years ago now. It looks like a European shorthair cat, so it’s not a real breed it’s just a random cat. The shelter didn’t know how old she was, so I don’t know either. The only thing I know is that she’s now about 5 years older than what she was when I adopted her. She can’t jump very well so generally stays close to the floor and only goes on top of stuff if she can walk there.. So I have placed little helper thingies by the sofa, my bed and by the window so she can walk onto those things. That way, she can sleep on the sofa or in my bed, and look out of the window if she wants to ^^. She’s never knocked anything off of there

Do you share any of your diaper wearing/activities or anything like that to anyone in person? I’m just curious if there is someone else that gets to enjoy that side of you. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Right now I don’t ageplay together with anyone. I’ve done it a couple of times with close friends and once in a relationship. I’m never really sure what they thought about it

It’s easier if it’s only me. That way, I can’t offend or hurt anyone


Favorite position to wet or mess in?

uh. the toilet? I don’t do #2 when I ageplay, sorry

But you’re sending me this ask, because you want me to talk about wetting my diaper. When I’m ageplaying and I’m wearing a cloth or a disposable diaper, I can wet in nearly any position. Most often I’m just sitting by my desk and it starts trickling into my diaper by itself ^^;;; When I’m in my bed hugging my shark plushie I also occasionally wet myself. I wish to think it happens by itself


Do you like your butt being played with?

sorry, I’m really not into this kinda stuff. I’m an ageplayer with a fascination for wearing diapers and pretending like I’m a toddler. I do get sexual pleasure out of ageplaying, but sexual pleasure is not the only reason I ageplay (but it is the best way to end an ageplaying session ^^;;). You really have to get into the mindset to understand why it’s such an amazing feeling. I could not explain to someone why I enjoy pretending to be a toddler, beyond the stereotypical “I feel relaxed” statement. 


Dumb question I know, but how did you discover you were into diapers?

It’s not a dumb question..

But I can’t answer it. It’s something I’ve always felt ever since I can remember. I wet the bed until I was about 7 years old, and for that I wore diapers. Maybe my private area was accidentally pleasured or stimulated by this and my mind connected the diaper with sexual pleasure. It’s no lie that some of my most intense orgasms have been while I was wearing a diaper. I feel ashamed by this and maybe it’s one of the reasons why I cannot keep a romantic relationship with someone, but I think my desire to get off in diapers is so deeply rooted in me that this is something which I cannot fight.


hallo alles goed met je ? leuke mooie foto’s van jou ! groetjes jonas ( uit belgie )

Hoi! ^^ Ja hoor, bedankt voor je complimentje over m’n foto’s. België is ver weg voor mij! Ik woon namelijk in het noorden van Nederland. Alhoewel ik waarschijnlijk binnenkort ga verhuizen.. Dat zul je denk ik wel zien aan m’n foto’s, als ik opeens in een andere kamer foto’s ga nemen.. Alhoewel ik zó veel foto’s heb genomen de laatste 2 jaar dat ik die foto’s waarschijnlijk wel een tijdje zal blijven gebruiken °^°.

hm.. Dit is een foto van mij waar ik een Bambino Cloudee aan heb, een van m’n favoriete luiers :


Out of all the colors you could choose from why is blue the best one?

Is blue the best color? I like lots of light pastel colors, they put my mind at ease. But I do know a couple of things that I love which are blue; such as my shark plushie, and a Forma care diaper!


You literally can’t spam us. We love everything you do. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

I’m not so sure about that. I think if I were to start reblogging tons of cutesie pastel DDLG stuff that you’d hate it x_x


Do you live near an aquarium? Are there sharks you can go see?!

At the beginning of last year I went to San Diego for work, and after the work thingie I went to the San Diego zoo.. I can’t remember they had any sharks, actually.. Then again it was a very hot desert climate so maybe it’s not the right place for an aquarium. And there’s one zoo nearby where I live that I went to a few months ago but they also don’t have any sharks cus they focus on big land mammals.

What’s the thing with zoos nowadays that they want to look like amusement parks XD. In the San Diego zoo I took one of those bus tours and it was a little school-bus-like thing where a lady was telling cute little stories of the animals that we passed by. It was really precious and all, and I think the kids (and my inner kid) loved it. I’ll attach a picture that I took to this post showing what I meant.


Haai!! Welke huidverzorgings producten gebruik jij tijdens de luier wissel? Ik ben opzoek naar wat anders omdat ik toch niet zo tevreden ben over mijn huidige producten.

Alleen een beetje niveau creme, of zwitsal creme


Your cat doesn’t judge you my dogs did qhen I would wear around tham

xD that’s right, I doubt my cat cares about what I wear. She does sniff me when I’m naked, and then licks my skin. So weird. I hope you, your family and your dogs are healthy and well! Pets are such precious gifts. 


I found you through magnoliastorm :) enjoy your new found fame lol. Love your stuff ❤️ stay cute and have fun

xD tumblr is so bugged. This Ask keeps coming back to my inbox.. But I should actually answer all the Asks so no one feels left out ^^;. Sorry if I haven’t answered yours, yet! I’ve been really busy lately writing my doctoral thesis and trying to find a new job in the mean time

This is a picture of a bambino cloudee, probably the best diaper I’ve ever worn!


where did you get your plastic pants from. I do like the color and texture

It’s a webshop called imww.nl , I think in the past they were called incoshop but they changed names? I’m not even sure. I should get new plastic pants, the ones I have are kinda getting sharp around the edges and therefore they’re not very comfortable to wear for longer times >.


Do I sneak a wet diaper in your latest post?



My diaper is never wet, I swear. It just changes color after a while, so weird. 


A frequently used excuse (though never a successful one)

xD it’s not an excuse, I’m not a baby that needs diapers!

How are u doing my friend hope u have a nice week

hello again ^^. I’m having a lot of fun and a little bit of worry, so I think that means I’m balanced!


I have way too many pictures saved up from the past few months, so I’ll be posting multiple times per day for a while 


Hope it doesn’t spam your inbox too much. Here’s an older picture of my wearing an abena M3:


Your curls??! What happened to them? (I’m happy that you have a new hairstyle, just that I thought I’d finally found another curly haired ABDL like me)

xD I like to change my hairstyle sometimes. Don’t worry, my hair still curls like crazy if I don’t do anything with it