Are you married?



Thank you for sending in a couple of asks! ^^

I’m not married. I’m single. I am a cat-parent


Well, then tell us about this child feline of yours! Age? Breed? Number of things knocked off shelves? 😆

I wish I could tell you a little more about my feline friend, but I really don’t know much about her. I got this cat from a shelter about 5 years ago now. It looks like a European shorthair cat, so it’s not a real breed it’s just a random cat. The shelter didn’t know how old she was, so I don’t know either. The only thing I know is that she’s now about 5 years older than what she was when I adopted her. She can’t jump very well so generally stays close to the floor and only goes on top of stuff if she can walk there.. So I have placed little helper thingies by the sofa, my bed and by the window so she can walk onto those things. That way, she can sleep on the sofa or in my bed, and look out of the window if she wants to ^^. She’s never knocked anything off of there

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