Do you live near an aquarium? Are there sharks you can go see?!

At the beginning of last year I went to San Diego for work, and after the work thingie I went to the San Diego zoo.. I can’t remember they had any sharks, actually.. Then again it was a very hot desert climate so maybe it’s not the right place for an aquarium. And there’s one zoo nearby where I live that I went to a few months ago but they also don’t have any sharks cus they focus on big land mammals.

What’s the thing with zoos nowadays that they want to look like amusement parks XD. In the San Diego zoo I took one of those bus tours and it was a little school-bus-like thing where a lady was telling cute little stories of the animals that we passed by. It was really precious and all, and I think the kids (and my inner kid) loved it. I’ll attach a picture that I took to this post showing what I meant.


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