How do you always get such a super huge and cute diaper bulge on the front of it? Extra stuffers? Great content! Love your blog and thanks for sharing with all of us!

My diaper bulges on the back and the front somtimes cus I put stuffers in them. Sometimes I use generic disposable stuffers and sometimes I put a cotton baby diaper inside my diaper to make them look and feel more thick. The ‘downside’ (if you can call it that) of using stuffers is that the actual diaper looks much less wet, cus it’s all inside the stuffer and not so much in the outside diaper. Stuffers do help to make my pee spread better across the diaper so there’s less chance of leaking. Stuffers also press against my skin better so when I release a waterfall of pee it doesn’t overwhelm the diaper so much. There’s many advantages, but I mainly do it cus it makes me feel more like a helpless little baby. Also what I occasionally do is that I wear a cloth diaper on the outside of a disposable diaper. This has no function, I just do it to make it look prettier ^^


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