Hello.. My account is automatically posting pictures that I took previously. But I wanted to tell you a little thing.

This week I’m gonna move to a different place. And it’s been very tiring for me to pack my stuff, clean, and make all the necessary arrangements. Unfortunately at some point I will run out of pictures that I took in this house, and maybe you’ll see me in a different room. This is quite an emotional time for me because lots of things are changing and there isn’t anyone that I can readily talk to (or want to talk to, anyway).

I’m not responding to tumblr messages as quickly as before. (Also if you do choose to send me a message, please understand that “how are you” or a variant of that is not really that nice of a conversation starter as it places the burden of introducing a topic on me whereas I’m not the initiator of that conversation..)

I will return, don’t worry ^^. Maybe I’ll buy myself a few new costumes when I’m settled and I have a new job. Who knows. 

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