Do you ever wear diapers in public and use it

I don’t wear diapers outside of my room ^^. This is ageplaying for me. I pretend to be a toddler/infant. So I wear a diaper, cute soft clothing, I drink tea or warm milk from a baby bottle, I eat those little Danone/Danino yoghurts and mashed fruits. I suck on a pacifier while I’m hugging my shark. I’ll wear cute pyjamas or a kigurumi or onesie. Maybe I take a short nap while I’m sucking on my paci and tightly hugging my shark plushie. Afterwards I’ll watch cartoons or anime, and drink more warm milk or tea from a bottle. During all this time I’ll have wet myself several times cus it just happens 

It’s not only the diaper for me. You can wear a diaper and wear your jeans on top of that and the overall feeling will be as if nothing about your apparel changed. Wearing a diaper is part of my ageplaying sessions and the diaper makes no sense to me outside of those sessions. A diaper is just a thick absorbent underwear that presses tightly against your skin. A diaper is something that you must wear when you are incontinent, so that your clothes and furniture do not get dirty from your urine. I’m not incontinent, so I don’t have to wear diapers for that particular reason. For me, the reason for wearing a diaper is to be part of something bigger (the ageplaying) in order for it to have meaning.


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