I do like the forma-care diapers and the blue color. They seem to fit and work fine plus the price is good. I do prefer pink diapers like rearz princess but they are expensive. How often do you buy diapers?

I loved wearing those brightly blue forma-care diapers! I currently don’t have any, I’ll make sure to get new ones next time I buy diapers. I don’t even know what I like so much about them, they are fairly normal incontinence diapers, but they’re so brightly coloured it kinda looks like it’s a special abdl diaper XD. Yeah I agree with you, they fit really well. I don’t buy diapers often enough ^^;; . I only have a small space to store diapers, so I can’t buy big amounts.. but I’ve never run out of diapers ever since I started experimenting with adult diapers


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