I ordered the blue forma care diapers because they looked cute on you. How much can they hold?

Oh, did you? You get those brightly blue forma-care diapers. You should send me a picture, if you want to! Feels great to wear them, doesn’t it? ^.^ Although they are medical diapers , I think those diapers are really fun to wear and I enjoyed it a lot! They are fairly thick (as far as I can remember), but not super thick like abdl diapers. They held a lot of my pee without leaking and I would wear them again next time I buy new diapers.  

I think my most favourite diapers are either bambino cloudee, or Rearz princess pink. Next time I buy diapers I also want to try “Carousel” diapers, and one called “Pride 2.0“ , because I think they look really fun. There’s so many more diapers for me to try out and take pictures of ^^. Thank you for this Ask, I hope I can get more fun asks!


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