What all do you use your diapers for?

xD what do you mean? I don’t dry my dishes with a diaper, if that’s what you’re wondering. Diapers are too expensive to play around with! Duh, I wear them and use them a little bit! Diapers are part of my ageplaying sessions and they help me to get into the relaxed mindset of a toddler/infant. Without diapers, I could still ageplay, but it would feel like I’m ageplaying an older age. For whatever reason I feel attracted to ageplaying those ages which require a diaper. Well, I am really fond of wearing diapers, and diapers do occasionally sexually turn me on, so that also contributes. And gosh the orgasms I get are really really strong when I’m wearing a diaper ^^;;  , but that’s just my adult body wanting its fun. Sorry I’m such a deviant.. 


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