What do you think your favorite diaper is? Also what is your least favorite?

My favourite diapers right now are the Bambino Cloudee. And my second ones would be the Rearz Princess Pink. Both of these are super big and thick and fit me really well! The reason I like some diapers more than others is mainly due to how I feel about wearing them. When a diaper makes me feel like a little kid (or a baby/toddler) then my mind can really melt away and feel relaxed. This is most important for me about a diaper. If I can pee a few times in a diaper without it feeling weird or bulky (or leaking) then that’s a big advantage. The feeling is really reaffirmed when I can have a big and long orgasm in a diaper, but that’s just my adult body demanding attention from me ^^;;.  There’s many diapers that I like wearing. Browse my blog (and look at the older posts) to get an idea of the diapers that I really enjoy wearing!

As for my least favourite diaper, I’m not so sure. There’s one thin blue hospital-like diaper (not forma-care) that I really don’t like; but I don’t know its brand. I received a few of them once in a sample bundle but they were just unusable as an adult diaper. I’m not fond of the 2-tape Attends M9 because they just have a horrible fit around my thighs (partially because it’s only 2 tapes, so 1 tape per side). I would never buy a 2-taped diaper again. I’m also not that fond of abena’s cloth diapers cus they just end up leaking straight through the fabric and into your clothing. I’m really not sure what the deal is with that kinda cloth-like material. Any sort of pull-up or weird waist-band “wing” diaper is not fun for me; it doesn’t feel babyish for me. Therefore I also wouldn’t wear teen pull-up diapers like drynites/goodnites any more: they’re just too small and too thin and they feel like a bad excuse for a diaper. I want to feel like I’m wearing a BIG diaper, so the proportions of the diaper’s size to my body size imply that I am in fact a baby °^°


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