When did you get into wearing diapers and what was your first kjnd

I’ve been into wearing diapers for as long as I can remember. The first diaper I bought with my own money was drynites (similar to goodnites). But the first adult diaper I bought with my own money was a 2-tape attends m9 (later when I got different brands I ended up disliking the 2-tape design; here I mean 1 tape per side, it just doesn’t fit right I think). I remember when I first got the Attends and loosely put them around my hips, and the fabric touched my private parts, I instantly came °^°. But that last part is too naughty for this blog. Over the last few years I really got to enjoy more the ageplaying part than the sexual part, because ageplaying can give me hours of fun and just gives me more joy than orgasming a few times in a wet nappy and feeling the bliss for only a few minutes


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