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TL;DR: I moved out of my apartment, now I’m stuck at my parents’ temporarily. Please send me an Ask with a question or a remark ^^

The past few years (from 2015 onwards) I had my own place (well, I shared the apartment with two students, but my room was my room). I felt that I had a fair bit of privacy, and I could ageplay whenever I felt like it. As you know, I took a lot of pictures in my room. I had a fun job and a pet cat. In the second half of 2019 my work contract was not extended and my cat became ill. I had my cat humanely euthanized in my home and I buried her. I had been willing to move to a different place for some time, at that point. With all the things that kept me in that city gone (job and a loving home with my pet), I didn’t see much reason to stay there. Towards the end of 2019, I sold most of my furniture, my kitchen stuff and some personal possessions, to make moving easier and I cancelled my rent. In the first month of 2020 I moved back in with my parents. I asked them if it was okay if I stayed for a month so I could figure some stuff out and move out again to a new place. As you may have guessed by now, my plan didn’t go so well. I do have a new job in a new city; I can’t move there right now because a pandemic has closed down most facilities and it has closed down the borders. 

I’m happy that I no longer live in the place where I used to live. But this ordeal does put me in an odd situation. The 1 month I was supposed to stay at my parents’ has now already been 4 months and I don’t have much privacy. I had saved up some ageplay pictures from when I still had my own place, and I have been posting those to this blog for the past few weeks. But today (23 April 2020) I ran out of those pictures, so I can’t post any new material now until I take new pictures. I’m not really sure what I should do. My room is super messy and I’m not sure ageplay would work for me if I’m constantly on edge of someone walking in to ask me something. If you send me an Ask, I’ll answer it and use older pictures in those posts ^^, or maybe I’ll try to ageplay in my room to see what it’s like, though it’s small and not very cute as there’s boxes everywhere.. I’ll send you a picture that I took of a walk path nearby; it’s so pretty here 


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