Hi, are you free to walk arround in your duaper when at home? Or do you have to take care for other people who live innyour house?

Thank you for this Ask! You’re free to send me an Ask any time you want to, it’s really fun to answer them!

From 2015 until the beginning of 2020, I lived in an apartment with two students. I had my own big room, so I felt secure in that I could do whatever I wanted in my own room ^^. That includes ageplaying whenever I wanted to. Right now I’m temporarily residing at my parents’ place, so it’s less convenient for me to ageplay. But it’s okay.. as soon as the pandemic stuff cools down I’ll move to another place where I have my privacy again. And I’ll have baby stuff and pink stuff everywhere again ^^

Until then, I’ll give you two pictures of my fat ass in a Seguna comfort slip maxi:


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