Since you seem to have difficulty with praise I’ll be blunt. You’re perfect as you are. Your adorable, beautiful, cute, gorgeous, and hot. Any criticism you have about yourself know that everyone here would disagree, send a message if you’d like like to talk. Love your pics and love you blog!

No one is perfect as they are, hun ^^. If we were perfect, we wouldn’t have to improve ourselves. Without aiming for personal growth and improvement, why wake up in the morning? Why do anything at all? At least, this is how I think. I wanna get better at taking pictures, 

I want to be a kinder person so I can make my friends happier.

I want to earn more money so I can have a better house with more cute stuff. I’d like to try out more diapers so I can continue to take interesting pictures.

Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that you tell me I’m adorable, beautiful, cute, gorgeous, hot, but welp xD. I’ll try my best. To some, I’ll never be good enough, no matter what I do


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