What kind of camera do you use in some of the photos?

The first ~300 posts of my blog contained pictures that were taken with a Canon 100d. So these are the pictures where I wore the following diapers: Abena M3, Euron Form, Abena S4, Dotty the Pony, Crinklz, Forma Care X plus, tena Maxi Slip and Betterdry M10. 

After that (starting from approximately May 2018), I got myself a second-hand Sony A7. Yes, I’m using a full frame camera to take diaper pictures with XD. That’s crazy right? XD With that camera, I’ve taken pictures of myself wearing the following diapers: Molicare maxi slip, ID slip super, Drylife super, Seguna comfort slip maxi, Bambino  Bellissimo, Crinklz, Tena Ultima slip, Forma Care X plus, Bambino Cloudee, Playdayz Classic Pink/Green/Blue, Rearz Lil Monsters, Nona classic slip extra, Rearz Princess Pink, Crinklz Astronauts and Mydiaper Pink. 

Some of those diapers were given to me by @cofftee , which I’m very grateful for, and I am glad that we became good friends (for much more than just the diapers) cus I enjoy talking to him a lot and he takes really good pictures whenever he goes out cycling ^^.  Maybe one day I’ll find a way to properly categorize all the diapers I’ve worn.. I’ve been really careful to put the name of the diaper I’m wearing underneath every picture I post, but tumblr is a mess regardless oof. In the two pictures below I was wearing a Tena ultima slip:


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