Do you live alone? Or with someone?

Hm well, up until the end of January 2020, I rented an apartment, which I shared with 2 other people to keep the costs down. I lived there from the beginning of 2015 onwards. I had my own big room, which the other two people weren’t allowed to enter. Unfortunately I had to move and I’m temporarily living with my parents. As soon as I can (that is, when the corona stuff cools down), I’ll move to a new place, where I’ll live by myself and I’ll have all of my privacy again. In that new place, I’m not going to live together with anyone (for the time being) cus I really want to be on my own again. Maybe I’ll adopt a cat, who knows. 

The advantage of sharing my home with those 2 people was many-fold, though. The whole reason I was sharing my home (I did not have to) was because I saw the ups and downs of both and decided there were more ups than downs. What I lost in privacy, I did gain back in being able to more easily receive packages (for instance) and not feeling so alone, among many other things. Of course it was also a lot cheaper like that. If you ask me again after the corona is over and I’ll have moved, I’ll be able to answer how much I’m enjoying living on my own in that new place ^^. Maybe I’ll feel lonely, maybe I’ll love it. 

If you’re asking whether I have a partner; no I don’t have a partner right now, I’m single. I take all the pictures by myself using a tripod and my camera’s built-in timer. I think I got kinda good at taking pictures of myself like this ^^, what do you think?


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