Hello, i hope you’re doing well in this quarantine. You said that you were completing your doctoral thesis, can you tell us what is the subject or the field (biology, chemistry, art, history…). And did you start it just after your studies? I’m currently wondering if i should take a year off before starting a thesis…

Hello, thank you for this Ask! Please feel free to send me any Ask ^^

Hm well I’d love to share exactly what I did during my research, cus it is my genuine passion. But then anyone could just look up my name and link my tumblr blog to my real identity. I don’t want that XD. My manuscripts are primarily about nutrition and hepatology. The work was preclinical.If you genuinely want to know what the research was about, then send me a message and maybe I’ll tell you more about it XD.

If you’re looking for advice on starting a PhD, I do advice you to visit the PhD subreddit or join their discord server via https://discord.gg/gKPb8qF to get a more insightful answer than what I can tell you. I’m only one person with one story, after all ^^. And maybe my reasons for doing what I did are objectively wrong. When I finished my university studies, I took a 6 month holiday (like August-January). I moved to a different city and then started a PhD. It took me just over 5 years to finish the PhD, of which 6 months were unpaid. When I finished my PhD and my doctoral thesis (a few weeks ago, at the time I’m writing this), I decided to take a few months holiday prior to starting a postdoc (so right now are those few months holiday, at the time of writing). I could have looked for jobs outside of academia, I could have done something wildly different. But some professors see something in me, and suggested that I pursue a scientific career. Whether anything I did was the right thing to do, I can’t say. I don’t think it ultimately matters that much if you are chasing a passion. Like I’m also passionate about photography, and it gives me a lot of joy to capture someone or something perfectly on a photo !


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