Hi quin!! 👋🏻 Sorry to bother you! I’ve recently moved to Instagram myself, and started my own abdl/ddlg account, now my question was can I find you on Instagram aswell? I’d love to follow you as I enjoy the content you put out,

Hello, thank you for this Ask! I hope everything is going well for you!

I think instagram sucks for the kind of blog I want to have. I’m sorry. I can’t easily post pictures to instagram from my laptop. I know there’s weird hacks that you can use to trick instagram into believing your computer is a phone, which allows you to post pictures to instagram from a computer. But really it’s so messy and annoying to me. Posting pictures is the main thing I do for this blog, so I think it’s best I just stay on tumblr. On top of that, I’ve seen a lot of people getting their account deleted from instagram, for posting (too lewd) abdl pictures. Although lewd stuff isn’t allowed on tumblr either, at least they are clear about what you can post and what you can’t post, and standing around in a diaper is perfectly fine ^^. 


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