How many shark stuffies do you have? And how many more do you want? :3

Thank you for sending me this Ask ^^. Please send me an Ask whenever you feel like it, and I’ll answer (almost) any question eventually.

I actually only have one shark plush. A few years back ikea only had one size shark but I think nowadays they also have a smaller sized one? I can’t find it on their website right now, but one of my friends has it so it must have been sold at some point. I also saw it in their stores with my own eyes, but that was months ago. Anyway, my shark plush has gotten quite flat from sleeping with it all this time. I’ve been meaning to get plushie filling so I can fill the shark up with more filling and to make it former to sleep with. Maybe I can even put a diaper on that shark XD, I’ve seen people do that with plushie bears.. Sorry for all the rambling on stuffed animals. It’s a big part of my little space, but I understand it might not be for others

This is an older picture of me wearing a Molicare maxi slip. They discolor a little bit when they’re wet x_x. I promise, I don’t wet myself!!


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