How was it sleeping in a diaper? Do you ageplay more these days?

Thank you for the Ask ^^

This Ask is a reference to two things. A few weeks ago (well actually it was in January) I was asked by a friend to wear a diaper to bed. Incidentally this was the last time I wore a diaper before I moved out of my apartment to a new place. I decided to wear a “MyDiaper Pink” cus they’re really cute and not too thick. In the past when I tried to sleep with a diaper, the thickness of the diaper kinda bothered me in my sleep, so I thought it was okay to try a thinner one. The diaper still kinda bothered me in my sleep (as in, I woke up a few times more often than I usually do) but it wasn’t as bad as the other times in the past when I tried it ^^. Maybe I’ll try it again with a thinner diaper like a tena or molicare maxi slip, or an abena m3.. (also I guess abena M2 and M1 also exist? I’ve never actually seen them for sale anywhere). So in summary, it was okay to sleep in a MyDiaper Pink! I woke up dry, cus I don’t bedwet, but I did do my morning pee in bed and thankfully it didn’t leak. Afterwards I chatted online on my phone in bed and I eventually got up for breakfast. I think I changed out of the diaper and washed myself early in the afternoon.

The second thing, about whether I ageplay more now, is asking me what I’m doing now that we have less freedom to do outdoor stuff with the pandemic going on. Well there’s a lot of things that went on for me. I moved out of my apartment and I temporarily moved back in with my parents cus I was starting a new job and I needed to ‘hop’ from livingspace to livingspace. Unfortunately corona happened which meant that I have not been able to make the second ‘hop’ yet. I was only supposed to stay with my parents for a few weeks, but it’s now been 3 months already and I don’t really see when I’ll be able to move to my new place. I’ve generally been very busy. In the meantime I completed my doctoral thesis and I submitted several manuscripts to scientific journals. In the weekends I’d reconnect with my siblings, cus I haven’t seen them much in the past few years while I was doing that PhD. Ageplaying has always been something that I did in the weekend and with all of these things going on, I haven’t really done it much lately. I’ll get back to it, don’t worry ^^


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