What is your family like? How would you describe your parents, and would you ever consider telling them about your lifestyle?

Thank you for this Ask! Hm it’s an interesting Ask.

I think my mom knows that I ageplay, or at least she knows part of it? I’m not sure. She found wet diapers in the trash in the past and asked me about it. I answered that I liked wearing them, which is a pretty clear-cut answer, right. Though, I’m not sure she fundamentally understood my answer. We never talked about it. She’s also seen some of my other stuff, like a paci and all the super girly kid pyjamas and bedsheets I usually have. I honestly would not bother my sisters or parents with my ageplaying ‘secret’, though. I’m not ashamed of ageplaying, I just think it’s not something that I should bother them with. I can’t describe my parents or sisters accurately. They’re my family. I’ve outgrown them in career, I don’t let them much into my life, yet I feel welcomed into their lives. I take pictures of them at family gatherings

There are a few friends who know that I ageplay and who know about this blog, though I don’t want to bother them too much with it. I know ageplay is weird and I don’t want to anger them with the weirdness ^^;;   


(Also gosh my baby bottle is so dirty in that picture. I do dish-wash it after use, but some drinks really stain the plastic)

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