Your breasts are so cute and small 😍







I’m not sure if this was well-intended or a minor insult. If it was a minor insult, then that’s okay, I am aware I don’t look feminine. If it was a well-intended remark, then in that case thank you for the compliment. 

I’m about 1 meter 70-ish tall and weigh around 60kg, which puts my BMI at around 20. This means that I am thin and have very little body fat. Unfortunately it also makes the veins in my lower arms look quite visible. I don’t think I care much about the way I look like. I try to take care of my skin and eat well, though occasionally I will skip meals when I am feeling down. I’m not a vegetarian, though I eat very little meat. I cycle to shops and to go to places, which keeps me fit

you look very cute just as you are, small is always delightful

I’m not so sure about that.. But at least I’m thin, that’s maybe a good thing


I’m very thin as well, so I can relate. As a guy, there’s such a stigma against it and have had countless women tell me I’m to skinny, most of the time as an out-of-the-blue comment. If it was “fat” instead of “skinny,” it would never have been an acceptable comment.

Just be you! I think your body is very cute! (Not in a creepy way)

Hello, please make sure you stay healthy, hydrated and well-nourished!! Well I feel that you should be able to call someone underweight or overweight, if the situation calls for it. As a random comment it’s kinda out of place, don’t you think? Also I emphasize the term ‘underweight’ here and not ‘skinny’. What is skinny, anyway? I’m skinny, my weight is low, my weight is not so low that it affects my health, I can bicycle faster than most of my readers can, so I’m not underweight! 

I actually tried to put on muscle and it won’t happen. My metabolism combod with my height make me a twig albeit I can do quite a lot its hard to be impressive to women when they think i can’t lift them. >< you’re super cute though and so adorable. Keep doing what you do

I’m convinced you can do it @twitty358 ^^ , when you put your mind to it and you take good care of yourself!

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