Do you have any strong political beliefs?



Hm well I probably do, compared to others. But this is a baby blog so I don’t think it’s the right place for me to spew my stupid opinions on random topics XD. It’s not why people visit my blog. I’m not even sure if anyone would read a piece of text on my blog if it was too long.

This is me wearing a Drylife super:


If I’m interested in the topic, I would definitely read a post from you of any length. But I agree with the lack of politics right now. Every news source is exploding with “OH! POLITICS ARE HAPPENING HERE!” It’s like, can we NOT politics right now? Thanks.

Thank you for saying that! 

However I really can’t expect people to read long blog posts on this particular blog ^^;;;. Also politics is kinda useless to discuss unless you do it in special interest groups or something. I wouldn’t discuss scientific findings with my neighbor (and expect it to have an impact on a scientific manuscript) and I wouldn’t discuss the ethics of abortion at a first date. Every topic probably has its place and politics doesn’t go on my baby blog xD.

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