Do you have trouble fastening the tapes on the front of your diapers? I know it varies with different kinds, but sometimes I can’t get them all the way around to the front. They end up closer to the sides. For the record, my butt is kind of huge so that must be part of the problem.

It’s a lil unfortunate that ‘small’ sized diapers are really small whereas ‘medium’ size is quite large (at least on me). I think this is what you’re referring to? I think the tapes aren’t supposed to be all the way to the front, but should really be more towards the sides for a nice fit. On the two pictures below, you can see that the top tapes on my diaper are all the way to the front. 

What I’ve noticed is that some people paste the bottom-tapes also on the front of the diaper. I don’t know how you’re supposed to put them, but I tend to fasten them in such a way that the diaper is tight around my thighs, if that makes sense? My thighs are kinda big so the diaper never quite sits flat on that part of me. It’s also usually where it leaks on me. 

applying a little bit of clear packaging tape makes the diaper fit more tightly and I like that feeling. Also it makes it impossible to take off the diaper without scissors so I’m stuck in it x_x. Hope this answer is helpful somehow


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