I recently (at the end of January) moved to a temporary living space. For some time (so from February to April) I kept posting pictures that I had taken prior to moving, but I’ve run out of old pictures around the end of April. From then on I reblogged some of my own pictures and cute stuff that I found and answered a whole bunch of Asks. But it’s time for something new, so I’ll be posting a series of new ones. I only have a single bed here in my temporary living space, but let’s see how babyish I can make it ^^

Single bed=smol bed, smol bed=baby bed. Babyishness is already at 50%! 😁

Hm yeah that’s one way to look at it. Cute smol bed for a smol life ^^

I do kinda miss my old bed. I miss a lot of stuff that I used to have. In my apartment, I had a 140×200cm mattress and many people would not consider that very big but for me it was enormous. My late cat would sleep next to my head (so where usually the other person would sleep), and I’d often sleep kinda sideways occupying much of the bed by myself. Having a single bed does mean there’s a lot less laundry to do.. so I dunno what I’m gonna do in my new place. There were a few times that I slept with friends and I obviously couldn’t do that if I had a single bed. But hm. I’ll have to figure it out soon


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