What’s the most common question you’ve been asked over all the time you’ve been answering them? And what’s the most thought provoking question you’ve ever been asked?

Thank you for this nice Ask ^^. 

Hm tbh I’d really have to look back at all the questions and answers from the past few years. It doesn’t seem like it but this blog has over 2150 posts right now, of which around 350 were Asks. I can actually look at all of them on my website ( coucherequin.com ), which is a more-easily browsable mirror of my tumblr blog ^^. Maybe one day I’ll find a way to more easily show all my posts cus my website is slow af. But at least there the post tags work properly. 

I think the most often ‘Ask’ are comments of people who simply want to say Hello or that they like my blog or my pictures. I do answer these Asks despite them not really being questions. I think these messages are very kind and it feels like a gift to receive them cus I don’t request to be sent praise (whereas I do request people send me an Ask if they want to). If you’ve been following me for a while, you might have seen that I sometimes say negative things about myself. I don’t do this to get attention or to get people to send me positive messages. but nonetheless there’s a lot of Asks that seem to specifically call out me being negative about myself. I’m really sorry for this.

Actually unsurprisingly a lot of Asks that I get are about my shark plushie. I never planned on this but the Shark has become like my “thing” so to speak. People Ask where they can also get one of those sharks, whether the shark wears diapers (XD). There was one Ask which said I shouldn’t molest my Shark so often XD oops. 

I do get asked sometimes whether I go #2 when ageplaying. The answer is always ‘no’ and that I don’t really wanna talk about that on my blog ^^;;.

 Some Asks were about my blog name (coucherequin), like what it means, why it’s in French or whether I speak French. When people sent me Asks in French I did have to ask one of my friends to help me out with it.

Of course I do get Asks which I don’t feel like answering.. but it’s really only been a few of them. Maybe 20 in total? Usually when it’s very sexual then I don’t answer it.

I really don’t know what would be the most thought-provoking one. Maybe the one I appreciate a lot are the few Asks that I’ve received about how I got into ABDL. I totally understand that my answer isn’t very useful, but this is intriguing, right? Why does abdl exist? What compels people to do this? I can’t answer this and I’m afraid the answer probably is not very easy.

This is me wearing a Bambino cloudee; probably one of my most fav diapers:


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