Would you rather wear a dress that was see through with a bright diaper or leggings and a double diaper?

Thank you for sending me an Ask ^^.

I think you’re asking me this in light of some public scenario? I’m not into humiliation or exhibitionism, I’m afraid. I don’t think that I would enjoy wearing a diaper in public, especially not if it was obvious to everyone that I was wearing a diaper ^^;;;. Hm but really, a see-through dress? Wearing leggings without a skirt or shorts on top? XD No one would wear that in public, even without a diaper. I’m afraid to disappoint you, I mostly wear jeans or skinny jeans and a shirt or a blouse when I’m outside. You would never be able to tell from my public appearance that I’m a diaper-wearing dork.

I like wearing diapers in my bedroom so that I can feel like a little kid. It’s difficult to explain what compels me to do this, but the desire to ageplay and especially to wear diapers is there and it doesn’t subside until I’ve done it. But also sleeping with a plushie (my shark xD) and a pacifier (once every few nights) already satisfies some of my desire to ageplay. 

Sorry for not answering your question with what you were hoping for.. I do wanna keep this blog as non-sexual and non-fetishist as possible, apart from the diapers. 


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