Hi couchrequin, in many pics you posted recently you are wearing thigh-high socks, and I wonder how you feel about wearing them. To me, they are a kind of sex symbol that makes a woman look sexy. You, on the other hand, seem to wear them to get into little space. Do you also feel that ambiguity, or are they just “little attire” for you?



Thank you for this Ask! I’ve worn thigh-highs, tights and leggings during little time for as long as I can remember. I think tights and leggings go nicely together with ageplay because it can look super childish and it keeps my diaper snugly in place. Now with thighhigh socks I do see the ambiguity.. I personally think thighhighs are really cute (in like anime-ish cute: moe), so I wouldn’t consider them a sex symbol on myself. With those semi-transparant sheer thighhighs it’s kinda less cute I guess and more ‘sexy’. But xD I just can’t see myself as ‘sexy’. Do people fap to me? xD I would think that that’s really weird, if that’s the case I’m not that kind of person, I think? I’m only showing my littlespace in pictures


Haha you know people fap over you 😀

But you shouldn’t x_x… I take my pictures for fun and play, not for sexual reasons

(for reals tho.. I’m still not really sure what to think and how to feel about the possibility that someone may fap over me.. What should I feel about this, even?)


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kimimerc: coucherequin: I missed wearing this skirt °^° Also you can see all the stuff that I transported from my apartment to my new temporary home.. I did unfortunately had to throw some things away cus it just wouldn’t fit … Continue reading

What diaper are you wearing right now

I’m sorry. I’m not wearing one right now ^^.. I usually don’t wear a diaper during the week, because I feel that there isn’t enough time for it without rushing. Which one should I wear, you think? I’ve worn so many different diapers already, though xD

This is a Lil Monsters diaper:


Adopting a cat sounds great what try would you want to get

There’s no doubt that adopting a cat sounds like a good idea ^^. I’d be giving a cat another chance at life, an owner, and a home. The doubt comes not from this by itself, but by the limited space that I could offer the cat. My current home is a little bit smaller compared to my previous home (maybe 25m², compared to 80m²). Also, there’s less opportunity for a cat to go outdoors, here. I know that cats don’t really care that much and prefer to be lazy most of the time, but even the laziest cat will give itself a daily bout of exercise by running around the house, playing with toys, hunting prey, or scratching stuff. I’m afraid that this home is too small to run around in, and therefore I don’t  think it’d be a good idea. I do really want to have a cat again, because I feel very lonely, but it’s probably best that I set my feelings aside for the interest of the animal. 


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itohseloh: Is someone crying because she wet her diaper? xD no I was covering up my face with my hands cus it can be time-consuming to edit the pictures to blur out my face. But if you want to, I … Continue reading

I don’t know if this has been asked before but I’m a pretty big music nerd and I was wondering what are some of your favorite artists and bands

Thank you for this Ask! I can’t recall if it was asked before.. but it’s okay regardless. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Yonder Voice, but also to Nightwish (they released ‘Human Nature’ recently), Tame Impala, Akatsuki Records, Ludovico Einaudi, and Infected Mushroom

This list is kinda random and different styles. The choice of what I listen to really depends on my mood at that moment ^^..

These are pictures of me wearing a Nona classic slip diaper:


How is your day so far

it’s okay. I visited my parents this weekend (it’s 27th of July 2020 right now) and I traveled back this evening. Even though I live in a different country now (I moved from Netherlands to Belgium at the end of June), I live much closer to my parents than before while I was still living in Netherlands. This makes me really glad and happy ^^, because I get to visit them more often and with less strain to my free time and to my energy. It feels a little bit more connected, this way. It’s so strange, because the culture where I live now is very different, and lots of people talk French especially when I travel through Belgium. 

I think moving here was a good choice, maybe? Nothing is definitive yet because not much time has passed since moving, though it seems that I am on average a little bit more happy. I do still feel lonely, but let’s see what I can do about that in the near future ^^. I’ve been thinking about adopting a cat. What do you think I should do?

This is a Playdayz Classic Green diaper, and a picture of me wearing one:


Just want to say , even tho you may ask yourself why you take pictures age playing at all ,you are still such a precious little girl and I think you are one of the cutest munchkins ever!!!!

Thank you for sending me this Ask and for saying this ^^. This message is very heartwarming to me.

It’s true, I’m not sure why I take pictures of myself while ageplaying. It seems a very vain thing to do, especially if I were to expect to see positive remarks written to those pictures (I don’t). I know that other people take selfies, but the behavior of others is not something which I’d use to justify something that I do ^^;;. So why do I have this tumblr blog? I have no idea. But I hope that I can make others happy with my pictures and with my posts. Maybe you can use my blog to get inspiration for which diaper brand to buy? Yeah, that sounds like a good reason. Or maybe I can convince you to try cosplaying? xD

This is a Bambino Cloudee, a super nice abdl diaper:




I’m in the mood to answer Asks, but I don’t have any Asks right now.

Could you send me an Ask, please? ^^


How long will that diaper stay dry once its taped on you?

Not very long ^^. Don’t worry, I tend to make good use of them soon after putting one on

Greetings. List 5 things that make you happy, then put this in the askbox for the last 10 people who reblogged something from you. Learn to know your mutuals and followers.



hm I wrote an answer to this Ask but my laptop restarted itself  to update while I was gone.. x_x. I really wish I could disable that feature while I’m working on stuff. I’ll try to write my message again. Thanks for this Ask, though. I’ll answer it without forwarding it to other people, if that’s okay? Five things that make me happy, in no particular order, would be:

1. Learning about mammalian biology (sorry that’s really specific, welp). Really anything about it, any detail, any mechanism, and any possible underlying reason why it is how it is. It’s kinda silly, because I’ll never be able to get any reasonable grasp of even any minor subpart. But what is there to live for if you can’t dream big?

2. Making others happy. Someone else’s smile is worth more than mine, right? Seeing friends and family can make me very happy. I don’t even have to do anything together with them. Seeing them and talking with them can be enough for me ^^

3. Otaku stuff. Watching anime, reading manga, listening to the music, going to the conventions, cosplaying, talking to people about these things, being a weird weeb. I think these things are very fun and they make me happy.

4. Organizing and making things tidy ^^. Sorry I’m running out of ideas cus it’s late and I’m a lil tired as I’m writing this. My apartment was kinda messy visually but you’ll have to trust me that once in a while I did organize all my stuff and put everything in the right places

5. Diapers? In the big picture they’re really not that important.. but ageplaying does make me happy so.. there it is. Ho-hum. I admit, I like diapers.You caught me red-handed 


Perfect! Arigato, couche-san! I’ve been meaning to finish watching Fairy Tale sometime, but I never have free time. ☺

Well then you should ^^. Make some time for it and go for it!


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itohseloh: coucherequin: I’m so sorry for this shark plushie.. humping it and rubbing it against my diaper gives me a ton of fun..  I’m pretty sure Shark likes what you do with him. well it’s a lifeless plushie. kinda sad … Continue reading

In your “July blog post” you said that you sold artwork and music at Japan expo in Paris. What kind of music do you make? What music do you like? What instruments do you play?

Hm I can’t answer this one in much detail, cus people can Google it very easily. We play piano-vocal music. I play keyboard and do the arrangements and some of the storywriting. Sorry, I can’t say much more cus it’s kinda super obvious otherwise xD

Do you like the idea that people fap over your pictures 😔

Well not particularly. For me, that’s not something which I would be proud of. But I can’t know whether my pictures are suitable for that. Regardless, I can’t tell people not to do that. I’m just showing you into my little world filled with diapers, sharks and costumes ^^


Have you ever visited Finland?

I haven’t visited Finland before ^^;; Sorry. I did go to Stockholm once to visit the university there, though I did not get to see the city. Maybe another time, I’ll be able to return to Scandinavia for a holiday. 

Your profile says you’re from Finland. Do you still live there? Do you get to see the Northern lights ?

Have you ever worn a diaper for a task or event (like going to the movies or reading a long book), so that you wouldn’t have to get up and take potty breaks?

this is a very specific Ask. Thank you for that ^^.

Hm well normally I’d say I don’t like wearing diapers outside of my room, and that’s true. When I’m outdoors, I can’t age regress without being a total weirdo. Though, in reality I’ve worn diapers a few times while cosplaying at anime conventions. That’s not my proudest use of a diaper oops. Though, I don’t think anyone ever noticed me doing this. And I wouldn’t want anyone to notice it, either. I dunno why I did this. In my mind it seemed easier but I’m not sure if it actually was easier. Wearing a diaper for a long time when it’s warm is kinda uncomfortable, I feel. I don’t envy incontinent people at all. 


Why are you so cute? You cutie pie

I don’t think I look cute ^^;;. but I am very grateful when others call me cute. At least it means I’m doing something right, when taking these pictures? Sorry I’m so annoying about this topic, each time. I’ll do my best to take fun-looking pictures (though I still don’t really know why I take pictures of myself ageplaying at all) 


When you’re age playing do you ever make up stories that you play out while you’re age playing? Or is that just a me thing?

I used to do that when I was a teenager; make up little stories in my mind and play them out with whatever babyish things I had available. I think I did that because I didn’t have proper diapers or a cutesy place to be a baby in. Nowadays when I ageplay, I can wear real diapers, and cute clothes or pyjamas, a big plushie, an adult pacifier, a baby bottle, cute bedsheets and blankets. I feel that I don’t need to imagine anything, when I’m surrounded by so many real things that feed into my desire to act like a little baby. There are abdl-related things which I don’t currently have, like a crib and other stuff that’d be in a nursery. I think I consider my home/bedroom to be my nursery sort of, because that’s where I keep all my baby stuff, but who knows what I’ll be able to do in the future ^^



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kimimerc: coucherequin: Huh? You like it? See my archive | Donate | Coucherequin on Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife Lovely 👍 good! ^^ 

Hi can u speak german

I can speak a little bit German, though I prefer to talk in English or Dutch if it’s possible ^^. I’m not that good with languages, though.. I don’t read enough (literature) books. One of my friends, who is a translator/interpreter for a living, gets very angry at me when I use google translate to help me with languages (sometimes I also use it with English, but generally I’m okay without)

Do you know that there are other pages to upload your photos?

I’m confused about what you sent me. Are there other people who upload my pictures to their blog? Or are you asking me to use a different service (like twitter) to upload my pictures?

If it’s the former.. well if I didn’t agree with it, then it’s not okay for other people to upload my pictures anywhere ^^;;  my pictures are mine and I want to keep full control over where they are. Reblogging is of course fine, cus that’s the whole idea behind tumblr and not technically re-uploading. I understand that on the internet people can download and upload something without direct repercussions, but I’d like to appeal to people’s empathy regarding this. I am a real person, after all. If you meant to ask the latter.. for the time being I think tumblr works fine, it’s too time-consuming for me to maintain several platforms at the same time



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I was wearing a cloth diaper on top of my Tykables little rawrs diaper