Adopting a cat sounds great what try would you want to get

There’s no doubt that adopting a cat sounds like a good idea ^^. I’d be giving a cat another chance at life, an owner, and a home. The doubt comes not from this by itself, but by the limited space that I could offer the cat. My current home is a little bit smaller compared to my previous home (maybe 25m², compared to 80m²). Also, there’s less opportunity for a cat to go outdoors, here. I know that cats don’t really care that much and prefer to be lazy most of the time, but even the laziest cat will give itself a daily bout of exercise by running around the house, playing with toys, hunting prey, or scratching stuff. I’m afraid that this home is too small to run around in, and therefore I don’t  think it’d be a good idea. I do really want to have a cat again, because I feel very lonely, but it’s probably best that I set my feelings aside for the interest of the animal. 

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