Do you know that there are other pages to upload your photos?

I’m confused about what you sent me. Are there other people who upload my pictures to their blog? Or are you asking me to use a different service (like twitter) to upload my pictures?

If it’s the former.. well if I didn’t agree with it, then it’s not okay for other people to upload my pictures anywhere ^^;;  my pictures are mine and I want to keep full control over where they are. Reblogging is of course fine, cus that’s the whole idea behind tumblr and not technically re-uploading. I understand that on the internet people can download and upload something without direct repercussions, but I’d like to appeal to people’s empathy regarding this. I am a real person, after all. If you meant to ask the latter.. for the time being I think tumblr works fine, it’s too time-consuming for me to maintain several platforms at the same time


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