Have you ever worn a diaper for a task or event (like going to the movies or reading a long book), so that you wouldn’t have to get up and take potty breaks?

this is a very specific Ask. Thank you for that ^^.

Hm well normally I’d say I don’t like wearing diapers outside of my room, and that’s true. When I’m outdoors, I can’t age regress without being a total weirdo. Though, in reality I’ve worn diapers a few times while cosplaying at anime conventions. That’s not my proudest use of a diaper oops. Though, I don’t think anyone ever noticed me doing this. And I wouldn’t want anyone to notice it, either. I dunno why I did this. In my mind it seemed easier but I’m not sure if it actually was easier. Wearing a diaper for a long time when it’s warm is kinda uncomfortable, I feel. I don’t envy incontinent people at all. 


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