How is your day so far

it’s okay. I visited my parents this weekend (it’s 27th of July 2020 right now) and I traveled back this evening. Even though I live in a different country now (I moved from Netherlands to Belgium at the end of June), I live much closer to my parents than before while I was still living in Netherlands. This makes me really glad and happy ^^, because I get to visit them more often and with less strain to my free time and to my energy. It feels a little bit more connected, this way. It’s so strange, because the culture where I live now is very different, and lots of people talk French especially when I travel through Belgium. 

I think moving here was a good choice, maybe? Nothing is definitive yet because not much time has passed since moving, though it seems that I am on average a little bit more happy. I do still feel lonely, but let’s see what I can do about that in the near future ^^. I’ve been thinking about adopting a cat. What do you think I should do?

This is a Playdayz Classic Green diaper, and a picture of me wearing one:


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