Just want to say , even tho you may ask yourself why you take pictures age playing at all ,you are still such a precious little girl and I think you are one of the cutest munchkins ever!!!!

Thank you for sending me this Ask and for saying this ^^. This message is very heartwarming to me.

It’s true, I’m not sure why I take pictures of myself while ageplaying. It seems a very vain thing to do, especially if I were to expect to see positive remarks written to those pictures (I don’t). I know that other people take selfies, but the behavior of others is not something which I’d use to justify something that I do ^^;;. So why do I have this tumblr blog? I have no idea. But I hope that I can make others happy with my pictures and with my posts. Maybe you can use my blog to get inspiration for which diaper brand to buy? Yeah, that sounds like a good reason. Or maybe I can convince you to try cosplaying? xD

This is a Bambino Cloudee, a super nice abdl diaper:


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