Lately I’ve been a bit unresponsive to IM and Asks. I’m sorry for this. 

A few weeks ago I signed a work contract to start a postdoc position in Belgium. For this, I moved from the Netherlands to Belgium and I now have my own livingplace again. Technically I haven’t defended my PhD thesis yet (I’ll do that later towards the end of this Summer), so I dunno if I could really call myself a post-doc, but that’s a technicality in a way.

I’m very happy to have my own livingplace again. when I have all my things sorted out, I’ll be able to take new pictures again. Let’s see ^^, maybe I’ll post some of my non-abdl pictures as well to show you around the city if you want to 

As a lil side note.. the furniture isn’t mine (it’s a furnished studio), so right now it’s a bit ugly / uncute. I’ll think of something to make it look more appealing over-time ^^. Maybe I can get a tablecloth, a few posters, and some wall decoration stuff. Can you give me ideas for this?

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