When you’re age playing do you ever make up stories that you play out while you’re age playing? Or is that just a me thing?

I used to do that when I was a teenager; make up little stories in my mind and play them out with whatever babyish things I had available. I think I did that because I didn’t have proper diapers or a cutesy place to be a baby in. Nowadays when I ageplay, I can wear real diapers, and cute clothes or pyjamas, a big plushie, an adult pacifier, a baby bottle, cute bedsheets and blankets. I feel that I don’t need to imagine anything, when I’m surrounded by so many real things that feed into my desire to act like a little baby. There are abdl-related things which I don’t currently have, like a crib and other stuff that’d be in a nursery. I think I consider my home/bedroom to be my nursery sort of, because that’s where I keep all my baby stuff, but who knows what I’ll be able to do in the future ^^


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