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smolbailey: coucherequin: Aren’t I cute °^° Yes, adorable :3 Yay ^^ , I wanna be a super cute little baby wearing a diaper and a skirt or a cute frilly dress!

I don’t know if this has been asked before: Do any of your friends or family know about you wearing diapers (except your mom when she found your wet diapers in the trash)?

Thank you for this kind ask ^^. You’re right, my mom kinda knows after accidentally finding them in my trash and asking me about it. I told a few close friends about it, and when I was a teen I had a partner with whom I ageplayed together. One close friend who I discussed it with finds it weird and off-putting, though we ageplayed once together (and never again after that). It was a mistake that I asked her to do that with me, it was never my intention to bother her and maybe it was even a little bit unappropriate. Though, we’re still really close friends, which I’m really grateful for. One other close friend, I discussed it with when we were talking about kinks. It was really late and we were both tired; he was mentioning the intense fun he experienced from his kinks (which didn’t include ageplay), and I only briefly mentioned I was into ageplay ^^;;. I really don’t want to bother others with my ageplaying, though. Maybe it’s best that I keep quiet about it all together. What’s your opinion?

This is me wearing a seguna diaper:


Have you ever thought about adopting children?



Thank you for this interesting Ask. There was a period in my life when I really wanted to have children. I was kinda devastated when I found out that I was infertile. That revelation was already a few years ago, and I think right now I’ve accepted that my purpose on this world isn’t that. I need to contribute in another meaningful way, and any way I can think of invariably is immeasurable in its success. One foolproof way would be to adopt children, and the thought passed my mind numerous times. However, in the country in which I live, singles (in practice) cannot adopt. With the low self-esteem that I have, I don’t see myself suitable for relationships. With those things in mind, I suspect that my contribution to this world will instead be creative and/or intellectual. If I’m not successful at that, then there will be no proof that I was ever here, right? To blog readers, I am a nobody. Even if my pictures momentarily give you fun, they leave no lasting impression, I think. Nonetheless, it gives me some peace of mind knowing that my creative products find a use

I don’t think you’re a nobody: you’re a kind, lovely person with a penchant for ageplay & a talent for photography!

That’s a very kind thing to say ^^. I’d like to be a kind and loving person. And I’d like to be good at photography. It’s up to me to make that a reality, huh? We’re all free in being who we want to be and who we are.. I’ll keep working towards improving myself, that’s the least I can do

How many languages do you know? I don’t mean just fluent. I think I’ve seen you speak French and some Japanese. You are very linguistically talented!

Thank you for this Ask ^^. I mentioned it to you in chat before, your avatar looks a bit like a shark jumping out of the water with its mouth open, if you look at it from far away xD. But it’s not, it’s a planet with dust rings

Well I only really speak English and Dutch. And Limburgs, if you consider that a language. My friend helps me with French, whenever I need to write something in French. I’ve never used Japanese, maybe you’ve seen it in a reblog. Most of my blog is composed of my own-written messages, but I’ll occasionally reblog a message from someone else, especially if it’s art ^^. Though the diapered person is always me. I wouldn’t say that I’m linguistically talented. Some people tell me that I tend to talk the way that people write, when I’m speaking English. So what they perhaps mean is that it’s not very natural-sounding? Who knows. 

This is me wearing a bambino bianco, a very fun diaper:


What got you interested in this hobby

Hi ^^, Are you asking me about abdl? Or did you mean photography / posting pictures of myself on a tumblr blog?

I dunno what made me interested in diapers. I kinda always had the desire to wear them. In the past I did it only to masturbate in them. Later, I discovered about myself that I get a lot of fun from ageplaying so I started exploring abdl more and more. Now I’m just a big baby in my make-believe nursery. And one day I’ll have my very own nursery room with lots of soft colors, a crib that I can sleep in, lots of toys and my diapers ^^. I’ll be the happiest baby.

If you were asking me about photography.. well I think everyone enjoys it, right? There’s so many wannabe photographers now, because smartphones and apps with builtin picture filters have made it really easy to take good-looking pictures. Some people are just able to better envision which shots are going to look good and which shots are not, maybe? I wouldn’t say that I’m either good or bad at it, but I’m also not deaf to all the people that tell me they’d like to get their picture taken by me ! Maybe I’ll one day decide that life is too short and I’ll do some portrait photography work on the side, who knows?  

About this blog in particular. I’m not sure why I started doing it. I’m not an attention-seeking person, I think. It doesn’t particularly give me a kick, knowing that I hit a certain number of ‘likes’ or ‘reblogs’. I get to practice taking photos, this way. I think it’s fun to interact with people about abdl a little bit. So far I’ve made one new friend on tumblr, which is really nice ^^ @cofftee  . I also learn about all the diapers which I didn’t know about, and I do see a lot of super cute pictures on tumblr which give me inspiration for my own! But regardless, I’m happy that I’m not getting ignored and I’m glad that I still have the time and energy to post pictures here ^^

this is me wearing a Seguna comfort slip maxi: 


Does your mom ever talk to you about your diaper love or she just ignores it?

Nah, she doesn’t. This Ask was (likely) sent to me because I mentioned that in the past she found wet diapers in my trash a few times, when I was being lazy and not disposing it properly. She asked me about it and I just answered that I liked wearing them and that I’m not ill. We never really talked about it. I think it’s fine like this ^^. And as long as I keep censoring my face, the chances of someone finding out about me online are also not very big ^^

this is a Bambino Bellissimo diaper: 


The sailor outfit and pink diaper shots are sssooo cute. Just wanted you to know. Hope all is well in the new place, not that new anymore but hopefully settling in and new friends. Enjoy the weekend and late summer. I understand it has been quite warm there this summer. Just really a note to say happy to see your posts on my dash. :) P_P

Thank you for this Ask! yes, it’s been a while, I’ve lived in Belgium for about 2 months now so my new place is not so new any more ^^, but I’m still exploring my surroundings whenever I have time and seeing new wonderful things. It still kinda feels like I’m on holiday, but then I realize I have no other home besides this one and it kinda breaks the illusion of holiday XD. 

As a Dutchie I wouldn’t complain about it being too warm xD, cus 51 weeks per year it’s kinda cold and you have to wear a jacket not to get goosebumps, so you have to cherish the 1 week per year where it is nice and warm! Plus it adds to the holiday feeling

I’ll see if I can find a Japanese school uniform (serafuku) ^^. I’ve been meaning to get one for some time. There’s no anime conventions this year which makes me a little bumped out. For me it feels like the year is missing something big. Maybe I should buy a new cosplay outfit to cheer myself up, though I wouldn’t be able to wear it to a con any time soon. At least I can ageplay whenever I want? Thank you for saying that you think my pictures are cute ^^. I’ll add another picture of me wearing that pink diaper below here:


What would be your goto-beginner-abdl-diaper? I’m looking into buying some abdl diapers for the first time (only had drynites so far) and while I find the littfleforbig-ones extremely beautiful and cute, I’m wondering if Mydiaper ones would maybe do the job reasonably well too… Because almost 3€ per diaper is just a lot. Or have you got other suggestions that have a good balance between price and looks/performance? I’d be happy if they featured some pink, but this isn’t a must have.

Thank you for sending me this Ask ^^, I’m sorry for only answering it now. 

I’ve occasionally recommended ‘Betterdry’ because they are very cheap (usually just 1€ per diaper), while they are super thick and comfortable. But this is a typical European-market diaper and it’s more expensive elsewhere.

Cheap incontinence diapers that I like are: tena ultima slip, seguna comfort slip maxi, forma care x-plus, molicare maxi slip, drylife super. You could check which ones of these are sold wherever you live and which one is cheap. 

ABDL diapers are always gonna be more expensive than incontinence diapers. The €3 per diaper that you mentioned is indeed quite expensive for a thing that you’re going to throw away after a few hours of use. Maybe you can see it like a drink at a café? Though usually you buy a full package of it plus shipping, which makes it quite a big initial purchase and therefore it’s more difficult to see it as individual smaller purchases. I like all diapers from Bambino (especially Bambino Cloudee), I really like the Rearz Princess Pink, and I like the Littleforbig “baby cuties”, which I still need to post the pictures of to my tumblr blog. I’ll put a teaser picture of that at the bottom of this message ^^

It’s fun to have a few packages of cheap diapers for whenever you want to wear a diaper for a few hours and a few packages of more expensive diapers for when you want to feel that extra bit special ^^. Don’t feel bad for not wearing ABDL diapers, though. If you have fun in incontinence diapers then no one will tell you that you shouldn’t have that fun, right? Some people wear a cheap diaper and an ABDL diaper on top of that so they can “reuse” the ABDL diaper a few times before wearing it for real. I’ve never worn 2 diapers at the same time, though, so I don’t know how that feels.

I primarily choose diapers that look good on me and that look good on pictures. Like I’ve often worn diapers from “crinklz” cus they look cute on photos and people seem to enjoy them, but I probably wouldn’t wear one if I wasn’t taking pictures of myself cus they have a weird fit around my thighs. It’s unfortunate that it’s a little bit of trial and error to see which diaper fits you well. The bambino cloudee and the Rearz Princess Pink fit me really well and I really enjoy wearing those. They make me feel super little and I can fully get into the adult baby mindset when I wear one of those. 


Were you ever caught wearing diapers? If yes then by whom and what was the reaction and consequences? Thank you🙂

Thank you for this Ask! I can’t recall if I was ever ‘caught’ wearing diapers by anyone. When I still lived at home, my mom found wet diapers in the trash a few times when I was being lazy. She was particularly keen on recycling and went through the trash to sort out plastics (I put used diapers in a closed plastic bag so they don’t smell).. That used to give me a bit of anxiety because I just couldn’t throw away any diapers in their trash.and had to use public trashcans, which probably isn’t allowed. Her response was that she was puzzled and asked me about it, but I only mentioned that I liked wearing them and that I’m not ill, and never said anything else about it. It should be okay with that ^^.. 

I actually found a picture where I show how I put a used nappy in a plastic bag. I’m not sure why I have this picture xD, it’s kinda gross, I’m so sorry



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Can you tell what’s different? sometimes my pictures are too similar xD. Even though I actually get up, press the camera again, walk back to my bed and lay down.. you’d think it’s unlikely to end up in exactly the … Continue reading


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Also in my new home, I only have a single bed.. but it’s easier, probably. less laundry to do ^^ Bonus points if you can see my shark


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kimimerc: coucherequin: don’t look up my skirt, please!! Of course I will look but you shouldn’t !! °^°


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I don’t have my wall mirror any more ;_; (well I do still have the actual mirrors, I had to take them off of the door, and thereby ruining the door xD, but that’s what they wanted so uh okay.. … Continue reading

Is the shark from Ikea? I have the 90 cm dino rawrrr

Yes, it’s the blåhaj shark plushie from ikea. Where is your BIG dino from?

I got it around 5 years ago when I was walking through that store.. The previous city I lived in had an ikea near the city center, so I could go there by bike whenever I felt like it. I found it relaxing to walk through ikea ^^, and look at all the cute little houses and rooms they built. I loved the pastel children’s and baby bedrooms. It made me dream of one day having my own house with one bedroom devoted to my very own nursery. It’d be a room with super soft carpeted flooring, a big crib that I can sleep in, closets for my diapers and cute clothing, and children’s toys to play with. °^°. Maybe one day.

I can’t have a nursery right now, so I got a big plushie instead.. Here it seems to be comforting me with its fin:


How have you been doing through the pandemic? I hope you are doing well!

Sorry.. as far as blogging goes, I’m not that good at actually telling my own activities and stories, cus I fear that no one really cares about me as a person.

Maybe I can use this Ask to do that; describe a little bit what I’ve been doing. So people can skip if they don’t want to read this. 

My PhD contract ended last year and I was kinda unemployed for a while, but I used that time to apply for jobs (of course) but mostly to write my doctoral thesis and my scientific manuscripts (for publication). I probably shouldn’t publicly disclose the relative percentages of those activities xD. Anyway, I submitted my doctoral thesis near the beginning of this year and it was accepted by the reading committee and deemed good enough to be publicly defended. Meanwhile I was offered a postdoctoral research position to start very near to when I was supposed to defend. But yeah there was a pandemic and my plans kinda changed a lot. My PhD defence was postponed to the end of Summer, and I couldn’t yet start the postdoctoral position because the borders were closed. In practice this meant more unemployment which did strain my finances, but I got a lot of help from my parents and I ended up only losing a little bit of money. I used this additional free time to continue to work on my manuscripts and actually ended up finishing nearly all of them xD. At the time I’m writing this I have 3 first-author papers accepted for publication and another 2 manuscripts with minor revisions which I have submitted back to the respective journals. Gotta make the best of the time you’re offered, right?  

My views of this whole pandemic is a little bit weird. If a pandemic makes people realize what is really important to them (family, close friends, local communities, their elders), then maybe the prior way of life was wrong per se? These things should have been clear to anyone from the get-go. All the senseless travelling and holidays isn’t important in the larger scheme. I was also confronted with this, and I promised myself that I’d visit my family and friends more often than before.

Hoe gaat het met je?

xD sorry, ik had net dezelfde Ask in het Engels. M’n antwoord it eigenlijk hetzelfde. Beetje saai om dit steeds te beantwoorden, vind je niet? Er zijn wel lijstjes van Asks beschikbaar online, waar je gewoon een willekeurige vraag uit kunt plukken en mij kunt sturen, als je wil ^^

Dit is een Bambino Cloudee:


How is your day so far

xD I must have answered this question a bazillion times.I mean I get it, it’s a conversation starter, but it also puts the burden of starting the conversation on me, while I’m not the one initiating the conversation

I wish I could wear diapers more often, though x_x, though maybe the magic of it would wear off quickly so I dunno..


Important question. How many shark stuffies is the optimal amount?

Hm well probably only one? xD I don’t think you can hug several sharks at the same time, or can you? I only have one shark ^^



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I wore a Rearz princess pink ^^ But before I wore it, I made sure to take a few pictures of the nappy itself, like I always do! It’s so pretttttty


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Sorry, I’ve been a little busy lately. I’ll fill up my queue again so I can post a picture every day again ^^ This is a Rearz Princess Pink diaper on my bed!

oops I’m a little busy this week, and my queue is empty. I do have pictures but I still need to post them here. I’ll do it this weekend. Sorry for this! Here are two old pictures of me wearing a Seguna comfort slip maxi: