How many languages do you know? I don’t mean just fluent. I think I’ve seen you speak French and some Japanese. You are very linguistically talented!

Thank you for this Ask ^^. I mentioned it to you in chat before, your avatar looks a bit like a shark jumping out of the water with its mouth open, if you look at it from far away xD. But it’s not, it’s a planet with dust rings

Well I only really speak English and Dutch. And Limburgs, if you consider that a language. My friend helps me with French, whenever I need to write something in French. I’ve never used Japanese, maybe you’ve seen it in a reblog. Most of my blog is composed of my own-written messages, but I’ll occasionally reblog a message from someone else, especially if it’s art ^^. Though the diapered person is always me. I wouldn’t say that I’m linguistically talented. Some people tell me that I tend to talk the way that people write, when I’m speaking English. So what they perhaps mean is that it’s not very natural-sounding? Who knows. 

This is me wearing a bambino bianco, a very fun diaper:


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