I don’t know if this has been asked before: Do any of your friends or family know about you wearing diapers (except your mom when she found your wet diapers in the trash)?

Thank you for this kind ask ^^. You’re right, my mom kinda knows after accidentally finding them in my trash and asking me about it. I told a few close friends about it, and when I was a teen I had a partner with whom I ageplayed together. One close friend who I discussed it with finds it weird and off-putting, though we ageplayed once together (and never again after that). It was a mistake that I asked her to do that with me, it was never my intention to bother her and maybe it was even a little bit unappropriate. Though, we’re still really close friends, which I’m really grateful for. One other close friend, I discussed it with when we were talking about kinks. It was really late and we were both tired; he was mentioning the intense fun he experienced from his kinks (which didn’t include ageplay), and I only briefly mentioned I was into ageplay ^^;;. I really don’t want to bother others with my ageplaying, though. Maybe it’s best that I keep quiet about it all together. What’s your opinion?

This is me wearing a seguna diaper:


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