Is the shark from Ikea? I have the 90 cm dino rawrrr

Yes, it’s the blåhaj shark plushie from ikea. Where is your BIG dino from?

I got it around 5 years ago when I was walking through that store.. The previous city I lived in had an ikea near the city center, so I could go there by bike whenever I felt like it. I found it relaxing to walk through ikea ^^, and look at all the cute little houses and rooms they built. I loved the pastel children’s and baby bedrooms. It made me dream of one day having my own house with one bedroom devoted to my very own nursery. It’d be a room with super soft carpeted flooring, a big crib that I can sleep in, closets for my diapers and cute clothing, and children’s toys to play with. °^°. Maybe one day.

I can’t have a nursery right now, so I got a big plushie instead.. Here it seems to be comforting me with its fin:


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