The sailor outfit and pink diaper shots are sssooo cute. Just wanted you to know. Hope all is well in the new place, not that new anymore but hopefully settling in and new friends. Enjoy the weekend and late summer. I understand it has been quite warm there this summer. Just really a note to say happy to see your posts on my dash. :) P_P

Thank you for this Ask! yes, it’s been a while, I’ve lived in Belgium for about 2 months now so my new place is not so new any more ^^, but I’m still exploring my surroundings whenever I have time and seeing new wonderful things. It still kinda feels like I’m on holiday, but then I realize I have no other home besides this one and it kinda breaks the illusion of holiday XD. 

As a Dutchie I wouldn’t complain about it being too warm xD, cus 51 weeks per year it’s kinda cold and you have to wear a jacket not to get goosebumps, so you have to cherish the 1 week per year where it is nice and warm! Plus it adds to the holiday feeling

I’ll see if I can find a Japanese school uniform (serafuku) ^^. I’ve been meaning to get one for some time. There’s no anime conventions this year which makes me a little bumped out. For me it feels like the year is missing something big. Maybe I should buy a new cosplay outfit to cheer myself up, though I wouldn’t be able to wear it to a con any time soon. At least I can ageplay whenever I want? Thank you for saying that you think my pictures are cute ^^. I’ll add another picture of me wearing that pink diaper below here:


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